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Tips for usage

  • Small kids can get scary for ear checking. We suggest you hold the small kids stable or have someone to stabilize the kid while using our product.

  • Small kids are curious and tend to turn their heads to look at your phone screen. Therefore, please be careful not to hurt the ear. Ask your child to tell you if it hurts so you can take the otoscope out right away.

  • Move your otoscope gently at different angles so that you can see the ear canal walls and the eardrum. Never push the specula tips into the ear canal. Always go slow and stop at any sign of increased pain. You will find video resources and user manuals on support to understand and better use our device. 

  • Before you connect with Remmie Otoscope, we recommend you to 1) go to your Wi-Fi Settings and Forget the home/office wifi Network which your phone automatically connects with 2) go to your screen Auto-Lock Settings and set Auto-Lock to Never (for iOS device). Your default wifi connection can interfere with the Otoscope wifi signal and result in a discontinuous live stream. The auto-lock setting will also stop the connection between the Otoscope and your phone. To temporarily disable these two functions will help better usage of the Otoscope live stream function.

User Manual

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