• Quick-Fix Foods To Boost Your Child’s Immune System

      During a normal school year, packing a lunch box can be an occasional ordeal and school lunch plans usually suffice, providing conveniently nutr...
  • Kids Need Exercise During Covid

    Although the country has varying degrees of lockdowns taking place, kids will still be kids and that means they still have energy that needs to go somewhere. But, even with lockdowns there are still indoor and safe outdoor activities that your child can do to say active and healthy.
  • Why Ear Infections Should Be On Every Parent's Radar

    With more than 3 million annual US cases, ear infections are a common illness. What gets less attention is the 80% of children who contract ear infections before the age of 3.
  • Meet Our Social Media Manager, Khanh (Alice) Le

    Remmie is excited to welcome on our new Social Media Manager, Khanh (Alice) Le! She came on through an internship program with UW, but her tremendous work convinced the company to bring her on as a regular part of the marketing team. Congratulations to Alice and we are excited for what she'll continue to bring to the company!
  • Going Green with Telemedicine

    Telemedicine saves people time and can increase the revenue of doctor's clinics. But, it also lessens the amount of pollutions and emissions are cars produce as well, which benefits our entire Earth.
  • Earbuds: The Hidden Germs In Your Ears

    Even though we love to listen to our favorite music on a regular basis, we also need to remember to clean our earbuds from all the germs that our ears contain. Read our tips on how to properly clean off your earbuds so you can always enjoy jamming away to your favorite tunes!
  • Swimmer’s Ear Misconceptions

    Although swimmer's ear often gets neglected, it’s important to stay ready all year to prevent an escalation of symptoms and long term hearing damage.
  • How Telemedicine Can Give You More Patients And Lower Costs

    How telemedicine allows you to reach more patients at cheaper costs
  • 5 Ways Telemedicine Makes Your Life Better

    Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels Have you been in this helpless situation before It’s just a random workday, and you suddenly feel nauseous. You t...
  • The Future of Healthcare and Telemedicine

    Telemedicine is a combination of technology and healthcare that allows medical professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients through virtual interactions. Due to the pandemic, it is fast becoming a new standard of healthcare for many individuals. The Remmie device is leading the charge on addressing people's healthcare needs while being safe.
  • How To Reduce Winter Sickness Stress

    Remmie's brand-new healthcare device is the perfect personal healthcare tool to help reduce or prepare, or prevent yourself from getting the many common winter illnesses.
  • Rule Out the Possibility Of Having Strep Throat With Remmie

    "Does my child have strep throat?" is a common question that nurses, doctors, and parents have when we take our kids into a doctor’s office with common cold symptoms.